1. Higher vocabulary scores and narrative ability
  2. Improved social reasoning ability essential for reading comprehension
  3. Increased attention and working memory
  4. Higher writing development
  5. Raised reading scores

FROM 3 TO 3® refers to children meeting the benchmarks for language and social reasoning from age 3 to Grade 3.

FROM 3 TO 3® is an award winning evidence-based program
to improve children’s language and literacy.

This program is for educators teaching Primary Grades:
Kindergarten, Grade One, Two and Three.

Started in 2005 the program is raising the literacy in schools in more than 30 communities. Awarded the Program Excellence Award for Student Achievement by the Toronto District School Board in 2010.

FROM 3 TO 3®

  • Delivers seamless, cumulative curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 3
  • Trains teachers to enhance classroom practices
  • Strengthens children’s achievement

Raise children’s reading levels, improve reading comprehension using a proven program.