In the three years that the program has been implemented in our classes, we have seen a tremendous difference in our students in language acquisition and in their social reasoning and understanding.

FROM 3 TO 3® is an effective program that keeps children asking for it again and again. Built on three straight forward components the program curriculum builds from one grade to the next. A seamless, cumulative curriculum raises children’s language, narrative, reading and writing.

Starting in Kindergarten with the youngest children the program is offered in each grade until the end of Grade 3. The three program components are the same from Kindergarten to the end of Grade 3 – increasing in complexity as children achieve.

1. Oral Language and Narrative

Extensive catalogue of oral stories, rhymes and chaining rhymes, and poetry

Curriculum introduces increasingly complex narrative to children

Instruction is seamless, logical and systematic from Kindergarten to Grade 3

2. Children’s Literature and Social Reasoning:

Extensive catalogue of books chosen for their level of social reasoning complexity

Curriculum uses books to introduce children in a logical, systematic progression increasingly complex social reasoning

Instruction includes social reasoning questions for every book to develop children’s ability to make inferences and justify

3. Representation and Written Re-tell

Teach Representation:

  • Children learn to capture, categorize and recall information and experiences

Develop Written Retell:
Children learn to:

  • write/illustrate oral stories
  • To use novel vocabulary, grammar and syntax, story structure
  • To improve composition writing.

A Kindergarten teacher listens attentively to child confidently rhyming for her classmates.